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Businesses across the globe use our AI’s human-like, data-driven capabilities to boost their growth.

  • Private AI Responses
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    Inbound Demand Generation

    Attract 100s Of LinkedIn Leads With Content

    Our AI combines brand voice with viral LinkedIn posts to generate posts that boosts engagement like no one else in the world

    Brand & Personal Voice

    Customized AI that creates content in your own voice

    AI Assisted Content Calendar

    Understands audience to create perfect content plan

    AI Trained on Viral Posts

    Best AI Models trained on 100k viral LinkedIn posts

    Create LinkedIn Post in 3 mins.

    Pick Simple Options Without Prompt Engineering

    Schedule Posts Across Accounts

    Months of consistent engagement across pages

    Copyright & Privacy Protected

    Your data remains private and isn’t used for AI training


    Voices of Triumph

    leaders from around the world trust us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of AI technologies does TRIKL use?

    TRIKL has trained GPT model by OpenAI on viral LinkedIn posts across the globe to ensure that its content is of the highest quality and closely resembles human-like authenticity.

    How will TRIKL ensure you attract customers?
    Content creates trust, but creating content is tough. TRIKL will ensure you  consistently create engaging content on latest trends. Thus, every customer will remember you and when the need arrises, you'll be the first one they'll approach.
    Can't I just use ChatGPT?
    Ofcourse you can. You can always customize, master prompt engineering, research on latest news, ideate on what to post, re-generate posts 10 times before finalizing, create image, and manually copy-paste on LinkedIn every single day. That's how ChatGPT works.
    However, if you're looking for something that does all of the above in seconds, that's TRIKL for you.
    Would I generate leads by using TRIKL?

    No. We don't want to misguide you. Content can only help you retain eyeballs and is a long-term play. Anyone promising anything else is lying to you.

    However, if you stay consistent for 3-6 months. Then your growth will be exponential and you'll be able to build a strong organic growth channel that beats your competitors.

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