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Demand Generation (Inbound Marketing)

Attract 100s of Leads With Linkedin Content

TRIKL ensures you impress with hyper-personalization. Our AI content creation service is a cut above the rest, carefully analysing your needs against 1000s of successful content creators and the latest trends in your industry/domain. Each piece of content is tailored to reflect your unique brand voice and resonate with your audience. From the first draft to the final post, our content is not just seen; it’s remembered.

Brand & Personal Voice

Customized AI that creates content in your own voice

AI-Assisted Content Calendar

Understands your audience to create the perfect content

AI Trained on Viral Posts

Best AI Models trained on 100k viral LinkedIn posts

Create LinkedIn Post in 3 mins.

Pick Simple Options Without Prompt Engineering

Schedule Posts Across Accounts

Months of consistent engagement across pages

Copyright & Privacy Protected

Your data remains private and isn’t used for AI training